Professional & Effective Recruitment Service

Helping UK employers hire the most suitable talent for their company


The world labour market is changing due to numerous local and global factors like legislations, demographics, technologies, mobility of workforce and many more. It has become more challenging for an employer to recruit candidates with the right skill sets. The employer or head of the organisation is constantly reviewing the talent needs and struggling with sourcing strategies in the current ‘vulnerable-uncertain-complex-ambiguous’ world. The administrative and operational aspect of recruitment create bottlenecks, making businesses less competitive. Businesses need to know that they’re getting the right candidates at the right time, and the process is cost effective.


We understand, given the current staff-shortage issues in the UK, running human centred operations is not easy. Your business has to rely not only on the local labour force but also migrant workers.

Unlike recruiting British citizens, migrant workers and the recruiting companies have to go through a rigorous, time-consuming and tedious process following a number of guidances given by the UK Home Office.


WorkPermitCloud has come up with a solution so that the employers can prioritise their resources.

The solutions we provide are research based, adherence to global benchmarking, highly integrated cutting edge technologies coupled with personalised services.  Not only that, the employer can take control of the recruitment process and be updated at any point in time with our subscription-based software packages.


We follow focused research methodologies and standard benchmarking tools for job analysis to create customised job descriptions and job specifications that help an employer to source the targeted candidates. We help employers to publish job advertisements in prominent job portals as preferred by our clients.


Our service and software packages enable employers to reduce laborious administrative and operational tasks of recruitment. Employers can also generate and keep records of documents for future reference and in line with UKVI Home Office guidance.


We provide recruitment services and software packages that are aligned with the guidance of the regulatory authorities. This reduces lead time for hiring as well as compliance risks for the employer.


Additionally we conduct on-demand technical and value based interviews on behalf of the employers. Apart from these interviews we also offer a ‘mock interview services’ for candidates and/or employers with a view to better utilisation of time for all stakeholders.


Our recruitment service offerings include drafting offer letters, employment contracts, ‘Right-To-Work (RTW)’ checks and providing expert advices to employers on how to remain compliant for sponsorship licenses.



What does our Recruitment Service include?



 Job Analysis (organisation match and/or person match)


 Preparation of job description & job specification aligned with the Standard Occupational Classification (SOC) Code


 Manage pre-hiring stages, e.g. posting job advertisements, CV screening and candidate shortlisting


 Conduct technical and behavioural interviews, report on candidate assessment, conduct background checks and Disclosure & Barring Services (DBS)


 Providing realistic job preview service


 Counselling about the Skilled Worker Route (T-2) Visa


 Police clearance in applicable cases


 Advice on TB test (if required)


 Employment contract & offer letter management


 Assist the client (hiring company) with Certificate of Sponsorship (CoS)


 Manage/assist visa application process for the migrant / skilled worker


 Conduct ‘Mock Interview’ session(s) with the employer & the migrant / skilled worker


 Conduct Right to Work Check


 Documentation for recruitment and dossier management for compliance 


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