HR File Preparation Service

HR File Preparation Service by UK Work Permit specializes in Home Office Sponsor Licence Applications, HR, and modern recruitment systems. We seamlessly blend legal expertise, HR practices, and cutting-edge technology to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Expect a swift, efficient, and tailored human resource management service from UK Work Permit.

 What are HR policies and procedures?
 HR policies and procedures are crafted to ensure proper management of an organization’s workforce and lawful treatment of employees. They encompass areas like recruitment, performance management, disciplinary actions, grievance procedures, and handling sickness absences. 

Who develops HR policies?
 The responsibility for developing HR policies typically lies with the HR department. However, some organizations may assign this task to a separate team or individual. It’s important to involve input from managers and employees during the development process to ensure policy compliance. 

Why is it important to have HR policies?
 HR policies and procedures are vital for any organization as they provide clear guidance on employee behaviour and actions. These policies promote consistency and alignment throughout the company. 

What does our HR file preparation service include?
 – Access to your organization’s HR and recruitment systems to meet sponsorship requirements. – Recommendations for the correct actions and ongoing support. – Conducting Right to Work Checks, and reviewing/updating Employment Contracts. – Assisting organizations in adopting best practices related to HR policies, such as Recruitment, Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, Home Working, Flexible Working, Discipline, Grievance Procedures, Working Hours, Pay and Wages, Pension, Leave, Holiday, and Sick Pay Policy. – Raising awareness among employers and employees regarding recording and reporting Changes of Circumstances. – Helping organizations fulfil their sponsorship duties using GOHRM. Providing comprehensive training on how to use GOHRM. For more information about our HR File Preparation service, please get in touch with us. Home Office Compliant HRMS for Businesses We offer Home Office compliant HRMS (Human Resource Management System). What is an HR Management System? An HR Management System helps organizations manage their human resources efficiently, covering aspects like employee records, payroll, performance, and compliance with UKVI rules. It simplifies HR processes while ensuring easy access to all relevant information in one place. 

How Does an HRMS Work?
Cloud HR software features a centralized database for storing employee records. Authorized personnel can access this database via web browsers or mobile devices. The system also provides tools for managing employee records, including performance review templates, contract management, and absence tracking.

Who uses it? / Why use an HR Management System?
HR Management Systems offer several benefits, including time and cost savings through process automation. They enhance compliance with UKVI sponsorship rules and centralize employee records. Choosing an HRMS for Your Business When selecting cloud HR software for your business, consider your specific needs. Our software accommodates companies of all sizes. Contact our team to discuss your requirements and explore our services. What does our HRMS Software Service include? – Sponsorship Compliance – Right to Work Checks – Recruitment Automation – Employee Database – Attendance Geo-Location System – Leave & Holiday Management – Job Rota Management – Dashboard Reports – Mobile App – Free HR Consultation – Cloud Storage  Dedicated Relationship Manager For more details about our HRMS Software service, please contact us.